Fitness challenges that are totally doable

Fitness challenges that are totally doable

Fitness challenges that are totally doable

These challenges can help you build your confidence, reduce stress, entice you to exercise consistently, or maybe even lose weight. you have that!

30 day fitness challenge

Of all the things you take care of, your smartphone is pretty high on your priority list — because it houses your email, your connection to friends and family, your entertainment for long grocery queues, your countless feeds, and frankly everything different. While you might be checking out the best health and fitness apps on your phone, add another one: The simply named 30 Day Fitness Challenge app is a free way to make the “Exercise Every Day” goal that much easier close. Depending on whether you want to tone your entire body or focus on your buttocks, arms or abdomen, you can choose a program that suits your needs. New to training? Do not worry! This program offers Easy, Intermediate and Difficult levels as well as practical instructions. Although each workout usually lasts less than 15 minutes, it’s enough to motivate you to hit the gym and work up a longer sweat session.


Staying physically active is essential for health — The Mayo Clinic recommends 150 minutes of fitness per week, but what you consume is just as important, if not more so. The problem many people face is locating their specific weaknesses in their eating habits. Whole30 is a program that eliminates dairy, gluten, soy, legumes, alcohol and sugar for 30 days. It’s a bit tricky to follow as so many foods have hidden ingredients, but once you’ve completed the 30 days, add those foods back in little by little to see how your body reacts. Armed with this information, you can tailor your meal plans to avoid dairy if it makes you bloated, gluten if it doesn’t sit well on your stomach, or other foods that give you trouble.

Whole30 says no to dairy, so here are some alternatives.


Believe it or not, a little Om can actually be a turning point in your physical and mental health. A 2014 study published in psychoneuroendocrinology and conducted at Carnegie Mellon University found that 25 minutes of meditation for three consecutive days appeared to have an impact on stress levels. Countless apps – like Headspace and Calm – offer challenges that will inspire you to incorporate meditation into your routine. Even if you can’t schedule 25 minutes a day, it’s still a good idea to establish a meditation practice before bed to promote better sleep and reduce stress.

Here are some ways you can sneak some meditation into your life.

Challenges targeted to Pinterest

If you’re a new parent, a very busy professional, or if logging sessions at the gym isn’t your style, an at-home fitness challenge might be your best bet. If you search Pinterest, you’ll find plenty of targeted challenges to help you plank longer, get deeper in your squats, build some killer abs, or improve lifting your butt in your favorite pair of jeans. Many of these challenges are created by trainers and take up no more than 10 minutes of your day. Even better, it might inspire you to try other fitness methods when your calendar is empty. This resistance band workout will work your whole body.


While not technically challenging per se, Aaptiv is a smart choice for a seasoned workout enthusiast who already knows how to do burpees, mountain climbs, high knees and jabs, crosses, hooks, and uppercuts. With a variety of workouts and fitness levels, this audio-only guide is a smart way to stay focused and perfect your form. Consider encouraging a few friends to sign up for a membership so you can work out together from home, or at least hold each other accountable to work out at least half an hour a day.

Can You Pass These Everyday Fitness Tests?

Kayla Itsines challenge

Dumbbells, tape measure and skipping rope, top view.  Sport equipment on wooden yellow background.  Barbells and centimeter weight loss tools.  Training and active lifestyle concept.

Roman Stetsyk/ShutterstockFamous Australian fitness Instagrammer Kayla Itsines wants you to get in shape. What started as a social media account has grown into a variety of workout plans — including the original BBG program of workouts, meal recommendations, and other helpful tips. With very little equipment, you can complete all of Itsines’ workouts and potentially see changes in just a few weeks. It’s ideal for the traveler or fitness novice ready to take it seriously. Just watch out for these exercise moves that actually work against you.


If 30 days feels a bit overwhelming, why not adopt a leap year mentality and go for 28 instead? FitGirls Guide, also popular thanks to Instagram, is a 28-day jumpstart program with all the tools you need to transform your lifestyle. In addition to a complete training plan that requires no equipment, FitGirls also offers a nutrition plan that can be tailored to suit any diet, whether you’re gluten-free, vegan, or vegetarian. Don’t worry if your buddies aren’t joining the adventure: FitGirls has a huge community behind it, so you’ll always have online support if you need a nudge. Try these fun social activities that double as a workout with your real friends.

Dry January

After countless Christmas and New Year celebrations, your liver is crying out for a break. In addition to some severe headaches and dehydration, excessive drinking can pack on the pounds. Because most alcohol is high in sugar and difficult for your body to digest, regular drinking could make your waistline bigger. A 30-day challenge that hits the spot is dry January, where you abstain from vino, beer, or cocktails until February. Though it might be a little awkward in social situations, challenge yourself to grab a lime soda and be the designated driver — and erm, Instagram photographer — for the evening. If you work as a bartender, try making these delicious mocktails.

Daily Burn

Especially if you work from home, fight 24/7 with kids, or travel to work, online workouts make clenching less stressful. If you’re bored of trawling through tons of YouTube videos to find one that’s actually effective, consider a Daily Burn membership. You get specific training plans based on your goals, the ability to buy fitness equipment including a heart rate monitor to make sure you’re pushing yourself to the max and other features, and a live workout every morning. Make it your goal to complete a full month of it and change your mindset – and your butt! – to get it going in a healthy way. Learn the secrets of women who work out every day.

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