How to really lose weight overnight

How to really lose weight overnight

How to really lose weight overnight

Still dreaming about your weight loss goals? Make them a reality with these science-backed methods to shed extra pounds while turning a blind eye.

Can You Really Lose Weight Overnight?

Not only is it possible to lose weight overnight — it’s actually a burgeoning area of ​​research. The National Sleep Foundation suggests that modern life, with its nocturnal exposure to artificial lights and longer waking hours, may disrupt the body’s natural circadian rhythm and encourage it to hold on to fat. However, a few simple adjustments could change that. Here are nine ways you can tune your body for maximum weight loss efficiency, so you can close your eyes and let your body do magic.

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How to lose weight overnight It really could be as simple as hitting the sack in time to fight the weight gain. Research presented at the 2017 European Congress of Endocrinology suggests that lack of sleep causes the body to produce fewer satiety hormones like GLP-1 and more of the hunger-inducing ghrelin. The same applies to night shift workers. This could mean that when you’re tired, you’re more likely to feel hungry, causing you to burn more calories than your body actually needs. Here are 50 more weight loss breakthroughs your doctor wants you to know about.

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